Baccarat Game Theory

Game is an equally fair judgment game. Everyone has an opponent in the confrontation, because this is a competitive game. This game is played by two people. On the surface, it is a win or lose. Anyway, it is inaccurate to describe it as a win or lose. It adds up to zero. How do you make a profit for two people who will go out first and who will go out later? Of course, the beginning of the game is to obtain economic benefits. How did you foresee it before? Some people use probability to calculate, some people use strategy to find. Does it allow you to see an optimal decision. Is it to record the order of the particles first with their respective recording discs, or to make a winning decision based on your red blue particles through the state of mutual composition of the particles?

Every time the red and blue particles choose, there is a fork, and there are two paths. Recording all of them, it looks like a game tree. People will use their own guesses as much as possible among the dense branches and leaves. Make judgments with the tricks. People live at the top of the game tree.

By referring to the record disk, sometimes we will adopt measures that interfere with the other party’s decision. Understanding the other party’s intention boundary information can sometimes play a winning role in decision-making optimization. Remember, yours is just from the country. Human behavior is very complicated in Guozheng. The laws and models that people extract from reality will be expressed in an ideal way. If you want to break through, you must start from the boundary.

In the past, a man named Brown found that casinos could not guarantee money from the rake, and later determined the maximum bet limit. This is to take the middle point from the exponential ladder as the “average law”. After any one loses, the consecutive loss caused by the increase of the index, after reaching the limit, then the chip is reduced, such a fluctuation is a Brownian motion. If the player’s chips drop once (that is, the sum of the players’ initial betting many times), the casino’s profits will increase. From the point of view of probability theory, the player has already lost many times and it is impossible to tie it. The mystery hidden in the game. When people see the image composed of particles, it is easy for people to produce another Brownian motion, which will produce errors. History will not repeat precisely.

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